The journey begins

19/03/2012 14:25


What a lot of contact with the travelers, the more ideas can come to understand them. You know, they just go, they are not looking for anything, nothing below, just want to be yourself - free. They live in your journey, just stay there. "Just" - a word which is very often used by traveling chef Linen Kizala ( And really - what to look for reasons or descriptions of what it is clear in itself. Simply.
Travel hitch
Linen trip began five to six years in Scotland, where he studied gastronomy. In my previous travel, he looks critically - to fly airplanes before, used the public transport. "Fly the airplane - it's not a journey. Because you spend the whole trip in the air. The trip is set from point A to point B and everything in between. I had to hitch-hiking and walking to travel to Scotland, and found a place neatrasi flying or traveling by bus, "- says the guy.
It was the Scots, like rehearsals, last year began his great journey hitchhiking around Europe. Five months Linen traveled to Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy.
The main purpose of the journey was to visit these countries in Suriname and the taste of cheese produced. Before traveling, he found them on the Internet has created a list of išsistudijavo map and create a route traveled by, "You're going from the cheese factory and cheese factory, but sometimes circumstances makes a different path than expected. Someone goes to several tens of kilometers and the other side, but where it can be something interesting, and join it. "
Total Linen came to around 35-40 creamery. They wanted to cook up close to see the cheese, the insight into the process, try it yourself, taste, something to learn. Since then, some sūrininkais Linen still in touch, or even planning to come back. Mainly, he visited Switzerland, creamery. That's where he not only liked the most cheeses, but the country itself has left the greatest impression.
Trips - not just cheese
Travelling Linen tested not only in many types of cheese, but also enjoyed the wine. In addition, you will not ever forget the cooking. Sūrininkams generation products themselves, and come round to the market, chat with local traders tell us that there is a chef and travels from Lithuania, and offer something made from local products. In some cases, small towns, villages and farmsteads in the mountains somewhere Linen just go into people's homes all along enjoyed a variety of dishes.
In general, large cities in their journeys to avoid it. In particular, because traveling is hitch-hiking is not very convenient on arrival to the big city
 then it is necessary to somehow skinny little. In addition, people in urban and rural areas are very different - more relaxed in rural areas have more time for such "social experiment," Well, the cities are too busy.
Generally, Linus does not like cities as well as nature. "We had to live in the Alpine massif, and then, returning to the city wants from going over there soon, back to the Alps" - says the guy. Mountains gives him a sense of freedom, where they can throw out all the "mundane" problems that are left out there, far below. There can literally be anywhere, and not to rush.
Travel not trouble
Before leaving Linen thought that the trip will take a couple of months, but it lasted longer. But it is really nenuvargino: "It was a life
 stage, when you were at some time in a certain place and everything. You may also suffer from walking to work, "štanginę, heavy tillage work. Maybe it's just out of the comfort zone. This is not a problem, the only choice. "
Of course, when you travel, you lose some amenities - computer, internet, shower, refrigerator, stove, washing machine, but whether it will be a problem depends on the man himself, as he can not do all that. "Washing machines are not - well, wash the mountain rivers, if traveling in the Alps. Television might want to look at you - to stand up to the TV shop, same with the radio "- lists the Linas. In addition, he still turned in unto the people, where you can go back to the minimum amenities of civilization.
Asked about finances, Linen recognizes that some money is required, but underestimate their importance. "I try to do is enjoy yourself. During the journey, you meet people that can do something to help. There are foods which slip by going to the mountains. Travel, you see, for example, that someone must be nailed groves, calibrated - he somehow repay. Or fake a cook if you are lucky, "- he does not see the problem. The time from where it should? "All have the same 24 hours. If I did not have the time, should not the time for life. How to plan your time, so it will be "- smiling traveling chef.
Everything a week
Before becoming a chef guy studying information technology, but one day realized that he liked it just as a hobby. According to him, the key will not go to university and attend lectures and learn everyday, ordinary things. He very interesting wildlife, wild plants, so they want to learn more about them and learn, try to excel in the culinary field.
In the future, Linen dream to complete their tour of the cheese dairies: "Clearly, this is the big countries, Italy, France, for years everything neišragausi, nepažiūrėsi everything, everything your coffee, but as far as possible, I would like to get closer to it." When asked when will be the continuation, mysteriously smiling: When the time comes. Who knows, maybe in the future paskaitysime Linen book about cheese, trips and just life.
So it may seem that you understand the travelers. However, to understand himself to the experience. Other - always look like that "I and I, but ..." or "it would be nice, but ..." and "now I do not have time." I know it is always stowed in a backpack Lino. Travel can start that tomorrow.