Gran Canaria

18/06/2012 16:47


Gran Canaria - Island, where I live
Gran Canaria - one of the Canary archipelago, which consists of seven large and six small islands. This is part of the Kingdom of Spain.
The monetary unit - the euro.
Official language - Spanish.
Capital - Las Palmas, the largest not only in Gran Canaria, but all over the city of the archipelago
Population - about 740 thousand. and half of them live in Las Palmas.
Gran Canaria - first impressions
Only upon arrival and after leaving the airport, covering strange sensation. As if I would return home. And the feeling that I would like to live here, lost the entire travel period.
The very first night nužingsniavom the ocean. Atlantic swim-demanding honor, because there are not daily opportunity. I was astonished to infinite space and extensive in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas beaches ... A lot of people strolling along the coast, a few tens of jogtrot jogging enthusiasts. All the friendly smiling prasilenkdami. Link to the nudist beach, 1 km. A couple of semi-naked girls besifotografuojančių to write "nudist beaches". Gran Canaria is famous for its tolerance and very democratic atmosphere for everyone and everything.
Few bathers. For afternoon. However, the water appears to me very warm. Only the waves quite threatening, and wade deeper timid. Seems to be attracted to the ocean ...
Most impressed dunes - the largest wilderness area along the ocean. Dunes reminds Sahara dunes. Later, a local guide told us that the white sand comes from the ocean. It is very similar to the Saharan sand. The dark spots - small lava ash. This is the origin of the local sand. There are only black sand beaches. They really do not need to fear, because this black sand is full of useful materials, and it is worth a little pasivolioti ...
Decide to go back through the dunes. Takeoff, landing, single figures on the sand dunes in the distance, and the city seems to come close to how ... Walking takes a good three hours. And promise yourself that will walk every day as well.
Playa del Ingles. Night Life
Gran Canaria is peculiar in that life never stops here. Throughout the day to meet a lot of older holidaymakers. However, night cafes and bars full of young people. When one sleeps, the other having fun, and vice versa. They say that young people in Western Europe in the summer fun fly to Ibiza and Gran Canaria in the winter.
Entertainment Center "jumbo" non-traditional orientation for tourists. I can walk from one club to another, where the guy is full. Unfortunately, you do not care about them, regardless of age, weight, hair color or length of the leg ... In the hotel after dinner, a small group of guys walks a couple of cocktails at the bar, and then attracted to the "Jumbo". There is nothing surprising no one. The absolute tolerance. And with the consent of two bright guy with a harsh "speak" signs on their faces, I thought that all couples have the same problem. We're sorry. Emotion and communication - the two worst things in the world with no failure to reconcile with each other. Or maybe you just nesimokom? ..
Nightlife starts late. Išsiruošiam somewhere after midnight. Long-rotating wheels, choosing only the best bar. Frankly say, I do not Bekhamo bar did not like, though it seemed most stylish of all visited. Neon dusk, music and dancing hall pustuštėje Japanese were somehow depressing. Then we decided to stay the first pasitaikiusiam club. "Happy Hours" and ordered a cocktail instead of getting two. Dance in the beginning to your table, then persikeliame closer to the center.
On the fifth morning, still trying to get to the "Pasha" disco, but admission is charged, 7 EUR. Returning to the hotel and even a good hour of debate on the balcony. When susiruošiam sleep, the neighbors probably already moving breakfast. Life boils here around the clock.
Why live in Gran Canaria?
Mary Dutch. Gran Canaria have been living it for 26 years. To the question "Why" immediately pours good number of arguments:
"You know what the climate in the Netherlands? 7 months of rain. And here I am year-round golf can play tennis, ride a bike, swimming in the ocean. My house is designed so that the inner courtyard is a garden, and I eat a larger portion of the field. Maybe the salary and slightly lower, but I do not need much. I'm better for less money, but it is very important, the diversity of living. This island, I can wear the same clothes comfortable. In addition there does not need heating, warm winter clothing and many other things. small island, so escape the isolation of some, but it can get into the plane and after a couple of hours you're in Europe of. And to Morocco in just an hour flight. Moreover Las Palmas life boils, is full of events. That recently toured Russian baletas.Kai lack of cultural events, is always going to Las Palmas. I love it here. flies to Holland a couple of times a year and then only briefly. Now here's a lot of traveling. I know a Scandinavian, who came on holiday to Gran Canaria and stayed forever. the other got married and stayed. Another familiar moved to Gran Canaria, retired. Olandaidabar lives difficult. Canaries much better. Also here is very safe, friendly and sincere people. Gran Canaria to live better than the mainland, life here can be very versatile. "
Av. salary Gran Canaria 1200 - 1400 EUR 800 EUR for the lowest. Waiters and bartenders usually receives 14 wages during the year.
Apartment for rent in a month costs about 500-600 euro, the depths of the island is to rent apartment for 400 euros.
Small apartments in the southern part the island costs about 120 thousand. EUR. Mountain villages in cheaper apartments.
Martin from Slovakia living in Gran Canaria for 3 years.
"Mary took care of me very well from the beginning. It helped to rent an apartment, and even the friends I had to find Mary's concern."
Martin laughs: "I really like here. West is still at the Spanish language courses. Recently bought a small butuką. No, not from savings, the bank has a loan for 20 years. So now I feel really happy. People here are very friendly and a great atmosphere."
The latter statement - a truth I know not what, from the air or water, my skin has recovered and no longer insisted creams. So some of them and forget ...
Gran Canaria Gourmet
Each country is important for me to taste the local cuisine. Never mind that the whole world full of pizza, pasta, baked fries. I'm only interested in some local food, which can still discover in each country. And I hope very much that this is a long long time ... will not go away
Kanarietiškos potatoes with mojo (read Mocho) sauce. This simple little fresh potatoes with lupenom, boiled in salt water ocean, provides a very tasty mojo sauce, garlic is a distinct impression.
Mojo sauce is available in several varieties: red for meat and potatoes, and green - fish.
Typical dishes - fish and seafood. Freshly baked sardines in every cafe offers (Playa del Ingles, the coastal promenade portion of sardines with potato costs 3 euros). Popular with a wide range of salad dressing.
Another stipiškas kanarietiškas dish: small green peppers, fried in oil and sprinkled with large crystal salt. Simple, but very very tasty.
Shrimp with garlic produced and presented in a small clay bowl.
-Thrown a pair of small red chili peppers;
Put a lot of thinly-sliced ​​garlic;
Transfer-black ground pepper and salt;
-What made švisžios 8-9 peeled shrimp and baked everything is still a good couple of minutes.
Finally, all sprinkled with fried parsley kapotom and delicious!
It should be noted intermittent Spanish, sangria, local honey, rum, which you can treat any bar owner, as long as you subscribe to something serious to eat, and banana liqueur, carajillo (strong espresso coffee with a local brandy, from the moment I open my eyes to the eyes), baked kanarietiškus bananas with liqueur, etc.
What to do in Gran Canaria?
The answer to this question is very simple - to enjoy life.
And if you seriously, then it is right to sunbathe, swim, walk or run (amateur), playing golf and windsurfing.
Two interesting excursions, which are really worth it to choose Lanzerotės Island and The Gambia.
Souvenirs and joys of shopping
What to buy Gran Canaria?
Friends and relatives will fit perfectly honey rum, banana liqueur, cactus jam jar or a mojo sauce. Obviously, full, and other "typical" souvenir: disposables, aprons, cups, saucers souvenir to the island maps.
Expensive, but more specific purchases, which is famous for the Canary Islands, is the aloe vera cosmetics. Creams, shower gel, body milk offers you both the beach promenade and shopping centers.
PERFUME-third cheaper here. Therefore, it pays to carry all those who only provide pre-orders. Best price offers shop "Fund Grube", but you can shop at any of the centers, both of Jumbo, "and" Plaza "and" Kazbach. Unfortunately, this excellent opportunity, because at home I am still waiting for two bottles of perfume not to open - Duty free result. And my daughter said unequivocally: "Mom, we like you we would like to choose the perfume," - and pledged to bypass stores in Vilnius, the list of desired fragrance, and so did not. So save failed.
Photo Equipment and others. All of it here too, almost a third cheaper. Choose carefully to ensure that neįsiūlytų outdated model, ie needs at least something about the technique of knowledge. Since not know anything for a while and I do not know what I need most, spent time at the pool. If you are going to buy a new machine and a good photo and plan to leave Gran Canaria - the best choice. I remind you all that you need to buy resorts in Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles.
In other fashion things should've been searching Las Palmas. I hate shopping, so I will confine myself postcards, cactus jam and honey rum. After all, good impressions are important!
Gran Canaria for the first time, bathed in the Atlantic Ocean;
Every morning, I did exercise (but neprisižadu that this will become a habit for life, although it would be good ...)
I ate lots of fish and seafood, you have never done (maybe something life changing)
Almost did not use cream.
Gran Canaria really affected me positively.