Photo Gallery: Diunes


Gran Canaria

18/06/2012 16:47
  Gran Canaria - Island, where I live     Gran Canaria - one of the Canary archipelago, which consists of seven large and six small islands. This is part of the Kingdom of Spain. The monetary unit - the euro. Official language - Spanish. Capital - Las Palmas, the...

The journey begins

19/03/2012 14:25
  What a lot of contact with the travelers, the more ideas can come to understand them. You know, they just go, they are not looking for anything, nothing below, just want to be yourself - free. They live in your journey, just stay there. "Just" - a word which is very often used by...

Website launched

19/03/2012 14:24
Our new website has been launched today. As a person begins to move, what drives it all to do, learn and visit as much as possible to see the amazing views, all of which ignites desire to show others. Your web technology that allows you to make visible and accessible to all...